Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There Will Be Blood: Never Mind The Brandals, Here's BRNDLS

Sinjitos Records proudly present the new free, downloadable single "Start Bleeding!" from BRNDLS, the new incarnation of Jakarta's rock n' roll heroes The Brandals. The new moniker is not only signaled another new musical ventures from The Brandals but also marked the band's new lineup with PM (guitar) and Radit (bass) joining longtime members Tony (guitar) and the Annash brothers Eka (vocal) and Rully (drums). "Start Bleeding" will serve as a teaser for the upcoming BRNDLS album "DGNR8" , their first since 2007's "Brandalisme". The new album was produced by Joseph Saryuf and will be released by Sinjitos Records on January 2011.

Lyrically, "Start Bleeding!" is another example of the band's sharp social commentary. It documented the recent Indonesia's condition: a nation in tatters and suffering from the endless political turmoils and manipulations. The politicians' greedy and "blood-sucking" nature is the main inspiration behind "Start Bleeding!"'s gruesome and cynical lyrics. Musically, it is a departure from the trademark The Brandals' traditional rock n' roll sound to raunchier, more distorted yet fresher sound. The song's modern production and Eka's singing style will definitely surprise everyone. It need to be heard to believed.

"Start Bleeding" was released on the internet on Nov. 16th at 6 PM and received mainly positive feedbacks from fans and fellow musicians. It reached 1,000 downloads in less than 24 hours and the number keeps counting.

Links to download BRNDLS - Start Bleeding :

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