Thursday, July 15, 2010

Introducing Bayu Risa (And Download "Love Song" Single For Free!)

Sinjitos Record is proudly present another great new artist in its roster, the dance music extraordinaire Bayu Risa. If you know him from his previous band PASTO, Bayu will pleasantly surprise you with his fresh new sound of hip-hop, funk, soul, and electro crossover.

Bayu Risa was born as Bayu Purwadi Risakotta in Depok, October 6, 1983. He was known as a member of Rn'B group PASTO. With them, Bayu released their debut album that was produced by Glenn Fredly under Rame-Rame People Records and distributed by RPM. Despite the band’s increasing fame, Bayu Risa decided to leave the band in 2008.

Shortly after leaving PASTO, in 2009 Bayu Risa released his first single “Inner Beauty” which he wrote himself. When producing his first single, Bayu Risa was helped by several friends, one of them is famous arranger David “Tities” Salanggamo that mixed and arranged the “Inner Beauty” single.

Currently, Bayu Risa is preparing his debut solo record under Sinjitos Records. The yet-to-be titled album will be released in October 2010. To give you a little taste of the album, we have picked “Love Song” as a downloadable single. Feel free to download it, distribute it, and tell your friends and foes about it. Spead the news!

Links to download "Love Song" by Bayu Risa

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