Sunday, December 19, 2010

Do Believe The Hype: Bayu Risa 's Rise and Start Again Out Now!

Yes, Bayu Risa's debut album Rise and Start Again is finally in stores now. You may heard the internet buzz on this album. Missed the hype? Check out these following tweets:

@anugrahaditya Tahun 2010 ditutup dg album brilliant dr @bayurisa Rise and Start Again, this album is a must buy!!!

@KISFMJakarta: #nowplaying @bayurisa - Percaya. Definitely on the tracks of the year list. Great job!

@EQPuradiredja On my home listening to Bayu Risa album.. Its a fresh sound of indonesian music!! ;)

@pandji This album is amazing. Its beyond cool. Gue langsung ngefans..

Still not convinced? Buy it and judge it by yourself! Cheers.

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Belinda Regina said...

kak ini berapa harga CD nya :P \